After 5 years in Santa Clara, meeting in homes, parks, and school cafeterias – we are looking for a home. A real home. A place we can serve Jesus and our community for years to come. This isn’t just a vision for a building, it’s building on the vision God gave us to lead people to fully experience life in Christ. 
We’ve seen over 100 people make first time decisions to follow Jesus. We’ve seen several dozens baptized. Hundreds of families fed, thousands blessed by our work here, near, and far away. We’ve participated in God’s global mission around the world…
So now we’re raising the funds to make the move forward into a home God has waiting for us. We’re raising $50k between now and February, and we will begin applying to the right locations once we hit the $40k milestone. More info, videos, and updates coming soon!
Begin giving by following this link. Note: under purpose be sure to select “Building Vision” in the drop down menu.