Greetings, and good health!
I hope this finds you and your loved ones doing well. In the light of everything happening during the corona virus pandemic (COVID-19), LifeCity Church is attempting to do everything possible to both keep people safe, and help those impacted by the wild changes in our current context. At this point, we know that many people and families have been impacted financially with job and school closures, and the constant threat of someone vulnerable catching this scary virus. At this time, we are implementing the following four initiatives…
  1. Elderly Care. We are already working to check in on and assist the elderly and medically vulnerable in our church and community, by checking in on them at a safe distance, and making sure they can get essential shopping done without placing themselves at further risk.
  2. Family Resources. With the schools being out and many jobs forcing couples to all be in close quarters longer, we are working to provide resources, encouragement, and ideas for training up our children and strengthening marriages during this time. I sincerely believe this could be one of the best outcomes of this whole ordeal.
  3. Physical/Financial Assistance. This is the time for the church to shine! People are scared and need our strength. We are working diligently to create channels for people to receive basic essentials while it may be difficult or or unwise to get to stores.
  4. Spiritual Encouragement. While this virus has made it so that we can hold NO PUBLIC WORSHIP GATHERINGS for worship, we are still working to provide spiritual encouragement, instruction, and community. I’ll be regularly posting live videos on facebook, and we will have a sermon on Sundays for you to enjoy with your families.
Overall, I want to remind you that God is with us during this crazy time in our history, and we have each other. We will get through this together, and when we do, let’s be proud of how we have led and encouraged others in the process. 
John Markum – Lead Pastor