What if we began 2018 with every one of us completely surrendered to pursuing God as a church family?
From January 14 – Feb 3, we intend to discover this together. Below, you’ll find a link to our 21 Day Prayer Guide. We encourage everyone to join us in this concentrated time of focusing our hearts on God, and seeking Him as a church family. Over the 21 days we’re participating in this collectively, we want you personally to get the most out of this experience. Sign up below to let us know you’re participating.
Here’s the best way to get the all that we believe God wants to do in your life over this experience:
  1. Participate daily. Follow the guide each day, which includes scripture reading, prayer, and a little bit of journalling. Each day will require about 15-20 minutes to participate, but you could certainly pray longer and spend more time in the scriptures if you would like.
  2. Join us live online. Every day on our LifeCity Church Facebook page, we’ll have Pastor John, some of our staff, and various leaders going over the prayer guide and praying via live video. There, you can comment prayer requests, pray along with us, and stay connected with others in our church family who are participating. The live video will begin Sunday Jan. 14, and will happen every morning at 6am Pacific time. 
  3. Fast for a portion of this experience. Fasting is a vital part of a growing Christian’s life. Jesus talked about it as an important part of living out our dependence on God. Consider fasting for a meal, a day, or a couple of days for this experience. there are various ways you can fast, but should always be done in a way that is physically safe for the person participating, so consider consulting a medical professional if you have specific concerns. There is also a Fasting Instruction Pack available that you can read over for Biblical guidance and practical help about how to fast. 
  4. Write it down. As you pray and grow close to God over these 21 days, write down what you’re praying, or what you sense God impressing upon your heart. This will be helpful to refer back to through out the year to stay close to God.