“Test Me now in this,” says the Lord of hosts, “if I will not open for you the windows of heaven and pour out for you a blessing until it overflows.”
Malachi 3:10
What is a 90 Day Tithe Challenge?
Based on Malachi 3:10, we challenge people who self-identify as Christ followers to taking God on HIS challenge and promise regarding giving back to God what He says is His, namely, the tithe (literally “tenth”) of their income. This challenge in chapter 3, verse 10 gave us the idea, “What would it look like to challenge those in Christ who have never tithed consistently, to trust God with tithing for 90 days (3 months) in giving 10% as an act of obedience and trusting God to do His part?”
So here’s how we’re doing it!
Who is this for?
Anyone who wants to trust God with their resources, specifically every person who has put their faith in trust in Christ.
When do you participate?
At LifeCity, we’re issuing the challenge beginning August 27 to November 26 (beginning and ending on a Sunday).
Where do I give my money?
While generosity in general is commanded of God’s people, this passage, and tithing as a principle, is given to the work of the ministry of the local church. LifeCity is such a place, and we’re calling every Christ follower who belongs to LifeCity to participate. If you call a different place your church home, we encourage you to participate, but give your tithe to your home church.
How can I give to LifeCity Church?
You can do all of your giving to LifeCity either in person on a weekend worship gathering via or giving envelope and dropping it of in the basket during our time together, or, you can setup automatic giving of any amount and frequency right here on our website! Just click here to give via e-check, or debit card.
That sounds like a lot! What if I’m not ready to give 10%?
We get it! For many people who have just started their walk with God, giving 10% is an enormous amount for many to begin. We encourage those who have never tithed, and feel overwhelmed by the challenge to just start somewhere. Maybe 5%. Maybe 1%! As you see that God has been faithful, consider increasing your giving.
What does God promise include?
In this, and other passages, God promises to pour His blessings on us. And God always blesses us better than we can bless ourselves. Sometimes, that comes by increasing our financial situation. Sometimes His blessing involves better physical or emotional health. But it always includes a greater understanding of God’s presence and power at work through us.
Why does God ask me to give?
God knows that there is an intricate relationship between our heart and our money. God is not concerned about “getting” money from us. It’s already His. God wants relationship with us. God wants our hearts. That’s why this is the only area in our life where God encourages us to put Him to the test. He understands what He’s asking us for, and that it can be difficult.
If I do this with LifeCity, how will you interact with me during these 90 days?
Pastor John will send occasional emails to each person who is signed up, encouraging each along the process as well as sharing some encouraging Scriptures and thoughts in the process. We also have a book we’re giving to each person signing up for the 90 Day Tithe Challenge. We’re making an investment in you, also.
What if I don’t feel like God did His part by the end of this challenge?
Because God issued this challenge, not us, any person who feels that God didn’t keep His promise will get a full refund of everything they gave to LifeCity Church between August 27 and November 26. Hey, it’s not our money anyway! That’s between you and God. 
What if I don’t trust God/church enough to do this?

Keep your money – no hard feelings from our end. We’re doing this because we want something for people, not something from people. But also, keep coming to church and growing in your relationship with God. We want to be part of your spiritual journey regardless of where you’re at in that process. If noting else, please see this as our commitment to continue reaching people who are searching. like yourself. We’re here for good. 


90 Day Tithe Challenge Sign up:

Visit www.lifevalley.church/give to make a one-time donation or to setup your automatic recurring giving at any amount or frequency.