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We can never out-give God! On Sunday, February 25, we’re about to see what happens when our entire church family rallies around a need, sacrifices generously, and sees God move through our faithfulness. This offering is intended to raise resources above our regular tithes and offerings to go toward helping us get into our new office, and in general, step boldly into 2018 with the momentum we need to experience a fresh blessing of God’s favor!
Our Goal
Pastor John set a goal of raising an additional $5,000 above regular giving for the month, but we’re praying that God absolutely blows that out of the water! We’re asking God to send us someone to single-handedly pay off the $18k it will take to rent our new office space! How amazing would it be to walk into our office building and hand the manager a check  – not just for the first month’s rent – but for the entire year? This offering will keep us financially stable as we move into the new office, and because of that, we will be healthy and able to pursue our other major goals this year also!
Additionally, as has been somewhat of a tradition for us, we’re giving away 10% of the total offering outside of LifeCity – specifically, we’re using the tithe of this special offering to go directly to the ministry of Iglesia De Vida in Tijuana, Mexico, planted and pastored by Enoc Rivera. 
Three ways you can participate
  1. Setup automatic, recurring giving at our giving portal, if you do not currently give to LifeCity.
  2. If you do give regularly, consider making a special, one-time gift above your regular giving in service Feb. 25, or below.
  3. You may also prefer to directly purchase supplies or furniture for our new office. 
Other Resources
Here on this page, we have provided a few resources regarding the Special Offering…