In 2024, we will embark on a goal to learn the Bible like never before. Many churches challenge their people to read the entire Bible in a single calendar year (as we are), but we’re going the extra mile this year. Through our Sunday morning worship gatherings, we will walk through the single, united, cohesive story of Scripture, beginning in Genesis and ending in Revelation. While we do not intend to preach through every single book, chapter, and verse of the Bible in 52 Sundays, we aim to connect the entire message of the Bible through all of its elaborate detail and nuance, to its singular purpose, and God’s revelation to us today. 
To fill in the gaps, we are also challenging our people to read through the entire Bible with the “Full Story” reading plan linked below. On Sundays, we will highlight one of the passages covered for that week. We are also orienting our Life Groups program ( LVCC’s “small groups”), to cover important, and fascinating depths of the Scriptures together. 
Check below, for important links and related upcoming resources or announcements.
“FULL STORY” Bible Reading Plan
We begin the new year together with a reading plan to walk us through the entire Bible, in a helpful format. You can download the reading plan here, or join us in the YouVersion Bible App on your smart device. The link to the app and reading plan are here
The Four Gospels
Sundays, 10am

Our current teaching series on Sundays, 10am, is fresh understanding in why we have our four Gospel accounts, and what each has to teach us about the person of Jesus Christ.